Thursday 10 May, 7.30pm

Talk in a Bit

Talk in a Bit is the debut record by poet, writer and performer Hannah Silva.

Talk in a bit is the debut record by Hannah Silva, an award-winning writer known for her innovative and virtuosic vocal performances. Made during a week of improvisation at the beautiful La Sauna Recording Studio on Lake Varese, Silva’s lyrical tapestries are woven together with the acrobatic drummery of Swiss percussionist Julian Sartorius, the electronic virtuosity of Italian composer Luca Martegani and the noise distortions of Swiss cellist Zeno Gabaglio. This short tour reunites Silva and Martegani, and adds percussionist and winner of the Suisa Foundation Jazz Prize Lionel Friedli to the mix, presenting their truly original sound, experimental yet accessible: a marriage of music and words, atmospheres and grooves, technology and grit. The result is a raw and powerful sound, where drums, vocals, electronics and cello are treated as liberated objects smashing and weaving into each other with tremendous yet elegant force, transforming the semantic tapestries of Silva’s poetry.


'The vocal acrobatics of musician and writer Hannah Silva test the physical limits of language.' The Wire


'I’m really quite blown away by what I’m hearing of this woman’s work...' Verity Sharp, Late Junction BBC 3 


This special event also introduces a short duet Pluto as Silva teams up with Japanese sound poet, Tomomi Adachi, who has designed infra-red sensor jackets enabling the vocal virtuosos to collide sounds and meanings through gesture.


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Supported by The Arts Council England. Development supported by the Artists’ International Development Fund. Produced by Humankind Records.



Pre-performance Masterclass: Sound Poetry with Tomomi Adachi and Hannah Silva


How can we transform our bodies into musical instruments? Can we write purely with sound? With gesture? Can you literally play the shirt on your back? 

Tomomi Adachi and Hannah Silva lead this introduction to sound poetry and electronics. We explore how gesture and the textural sound of words can enable us to compose and improvise as sound poets. We will introduce our work with infra-red sensor shirts, programming, voice and loop stations and explore how technology can enable us to ‘write’ with our bodies. A workshop for poets, musicians, performers and people interested in ‘writing’ with vocal sounds and gesture.

6pm - 7pm in the theatre. FREE and open to all. 


  • TICKETS: £12 / £10 concs.