Friday 9 March, 7pm

Hatched: Jan Blake, Raymond Sereba & Kouame Sereba

Works in progress and Ideas ‘hatched’ at the Albany.

Come and see an extract from the new show which tells of the legendary Malian king, Sundiata Keita’s coming of age as a leader and how he grows in skills and wisdom travelling with his family across Ghana, Méma and Sosso.


Sundiata's triumphant return to the throne of Mali unites kingdoms and fulfills the prophecy of great leadership that gave rise to his birth, a prophecy told in song and story by generations of West African griots to this day. It is a stand-alone sequel to the well-loved, The Old Woman, the Buffalo and Lion of Manding.


The trailer to the prequel of this story....




This event takes place at Canada Water Theatre.