Friday 21 December 7pm and Saturday 22 December 1.30pm and 7pm

A Pair of Pantos

A Pair of Pantos is a transpositive, all-gender-inclusive, queer pantomime mash-up for all the family and all families.

Times are hard and Jack is hungry, and so are Jack’s dads. Jack has a fantastic idea for making money but things start to go wildly wrong when the sneaky and contradictory King Rat comes along.  Nobody knows which pantomime they’re in, and on top of all this, Jack is trying to get to the bottom of what underwear is right when you’re non-binary. 


Join us for the twists and turns, laughs and loopholes, confusions and connections of a fizzy and funny fight for family, identity and fairness. 


This event takes place at Canada Water Theatre.

  • AGE GROUP: 5+
  • TICKETS: £12 / £8 concs. / £34 family ticket