Wednesday 4 & Thursday 5 March, 12pm - 1.30pm

Losing the Night: Creative Writing Workshop

Poet and playwright Cecilia Knapp believes everyone has a story to tell, that there can be poetry found in the everyday and that telling our stories, no matter what they are, is powerful.

Join her for a workshop where you can uncover your voice, realise the magic in your story and find your way to tell it. We’ll look at the themes of her new show, Losing the Night which include home, place, memory and loss.


There will also be an opportunity to perform the work you create as a curtain raiser in the bar before a sharing of Cecilia’s latest show. Click here to find out more about Losing the Night.

  • RUNNING TIME: 90 mins
  • AGE GROUP: 14+
  • TICKETS: Pay-What-You-Decide