Tuesday 28 April, 12pm & 2pm


Enter the undergrowth to squish, squelch and play your way through this hilarious and surreal show told with a handful of words and lots of slime.

Being a slug is hard. Everyone thinks you’re disgusting.


Slug and Caterpillar are starving, and the only leaf left in the garden is just out of reach. Slug thinks they should work together. Get the leaf, eat the leaf, play a game, be friends. Caterpillar has other ideas. Slugs are gross, they’re covered in slime and they have terrible taste in music.


Please note that all audience members including babies require a ticket to this show.


Top image: The Other Richard

  • RUNNING TIME: 1 hour
  • AGE GROUP: Under 5s
  • TICKETS: £7 / £24 family ticket
  • PROMOTIONS The 3 for 2 offer applies when you book at least one ticket for three separate shows or more.