Saturday 30 March, 1pm & 3pm

The Boy and The Mermaid

On the farthest edge of a wind-battered rock there sits a small fishing town. Sometimes it feels like the town is on the edge of the world. That’s mainly because it is.

The Boy lives with his Grandma, forbidden from venturing beyond the shore, but the tall tales told of monsters in the deep only whet his appetite - he stares at the ocean and dreams.


Can one unlikely friendship save the Town-On-The-Sea from catastrophe?


Join three sea shanty singing fishermen as they weave a fishy tale of musical merfolk, menacing monsters and spectacularly bad town planning. 


With live music, puppetry, a rapping octopus and a shifting set full of surprises – this enchanting tale is fun for all the family (5+).


The Boy and the Mermaid is based on an original story by Alex Kanefsky and features original songs from Darren Clark (The Scarecrow's Wedding, The Little Gardener) fused with traditional sea shanties – for all to sing along!




  • RUNNING TIME: 55mins
  • AGE GROUP: 5+
  • TICKETS: £7 /£24 family ticket